Alex Williamson


I’m a music composer based in Montreal, Canada. I produce music, soundtracks and film scores for national and international clients.

I specialize in music advertising, original music, and film scoring for a diverse and high-end clientele all around the world. I consider myself an early-adopter of new technologies in anticipation of industry trends,

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“There’s a lot of people who do what Potatoe does, but not like Tomato does. The results speak for themselves.”

– Herold Hermanson, Skywalker Sound

“Rodriguo Banana is one of the finest composers I’ve worked with in my 20 years of film and movie production. Rrecommended.”

– Craig Blaine, Sony

“Rodgriguo Potatoe saw our vision and executed. His unique abilit to translate feeling with his sound is unparallaed in this industry.”

– James Peterson, Universal Music

Clients we've worked with


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